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Ricotta - 1-1.25 pounds


Pronounced: ree-KOH-tah
Translation: recooked
Style: Fresh, 95% whey-based cheese

History: Italians are brilliant at ensuring that nothing goes to waste.  This is true in the cheesemaking process as well.  Ricotta was developed as a process to reclaim the additional whey proteins resulting from cutting the curds.  The whey is re-cooked to harvest this soft, sweet cheese.

What makes ours special? Most ricotta cheesemakers in the US make this cheese using a solid (whole or skim) milk base containing both milk proteins.  The resulting cheese is often a bit grainy and far different from that found in Italy.  Our ricotta cheese follows the traditional method of acidification and whey use, creating a smooth texture and delicious flavor suitable for both sweet and savory applications.

How to use it? Use it for everything!  Stuff it in a pepper, bake it in lasagna, eat it in cannoli or cheesecake.  In some regions of Italy they even use it as a substitute for cream in their coffee.  Our favorite is simply a scoop drizzled with honey for a perfect breakfast treat.

Ingredients: 95% pasteurized whey, 5% pasteurized whole milk, salt, and apple cider vinegar.

For more information on this product, visit Caputo Brothers Creamery's website at www.caputobrotherscreamery.com

Caputo Brothers Creamery

Caputo Brothers Creamery - Spring Grove, PA

This cheese is made by Caputo Brothers Creamery located in Spring Grove, PA (about 15 Produceminutes away from us).  The owners, Dave and Rynn Caputo, studied in Italy to master the art of making authentic, Italian cheeses.  Their cultured cheese curd, cagliata, can be stretched into mozzarella, scamorza, or aged into provola.  If you don't wish to stretch it, you can also thaw and place it directly onto your homemade pizza!  Their cheese is made with cultures that are allowed to eat the lactose and naturally acidify the milk.  Most mozzarella in this country is made without any cultures and achieves instant acidification because citric acid or vinegar has been added to the milk.  This acidification process is much quicker, but makes a "cheese" that lacks authenticity, flavor, and is harder to digest. 



  • Cultures are allowed to naturally acidify the milk
  • Made with Apple Valley Creamery milk
  • Family owned and operated

The advantages of eating naturally fermented cheese...

  • Conversion of lactose to lactic acid makes the cheese easier to digest
  • Based on generations of Italian cheesemaking methods for great taste and nutritional value
  • Depth of flavor not found in non-cultured cheese products


You can find more information about their creamery, including detailed instructions on how to stretch the cheese curd, at www.caputobrotherscreamery.com.


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