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Pacific Cod Portion

per lb

Approximate weight: 6 ounces

From our friends at Wild for Salmon, Pacific Cod is known for its moist, firm texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor.

Wild For Salmon

Wild for Salmon

"Wild for Salmon" is a family owned and operated business based in Bloomsburg, PA.  Each year they make the trip to catch salmon in sustainably managed waters off the Alaskan coast.  They process and freeze the Salmon in Alaska and then ship it back to PA where it is stored frozen.  

Why Wild?

We have all heard that fish is important for our health, but knowing what fish to purchase is a complex issue.  Many people would think that farm-raised fish would be better for our environment and better for us. (By the way, “ocean-raised” fish is the same as “farm-raised”; it's just a new marketing name.  Farm-raised fish are fish in pens in the ocean, and when this got a bad reputation they changed the name--that’s all!)  But we have learned that farm-raised means that the fish don’t get lots of swimming room, are prone to disease (and therefore fed antibiotics), and can get out and infect the fish in the wild.  These fish are also high in mercury.

Where does this come from? is the most important question you can ask yourself about anything you are consuming.

Let’s look at farmed salmon.  Since farmed salmon are fed pellets instead of what they eat in the wild, three elements are affected:

  1. First, the food that salmon normally eat in the wild converts into powerful omega 3s for us; the farm raised salmon doesn’t have as a high nutritional value.
  2. Second, the food wild salmon eat naturally helps them turn that beautiful pink color to which we are accustomed.  To compensate for this, farm-raised salmon are fed colorings to make them more palatable to our eye.
  3. Finally, the food salmon eat affects how they taste, and there is truly no comparison in flavor or texture between wild and farm-raised salmon.

When choosing to eat fish, we must consider:

  • The importance of fish to our health, with wild salmon having valuable Omega-3s, high protein, and low fat.
  • The sustainability of the fish--that it is not overfished and that it is safe for our environment.
  • The health of the fish and how it lived.
  • Taste!

Fish, particularly cold water oily fish, have valuable Omega 3s.  We are just now exploring all the benefits of these essential fatty acids and are finding that they are invaluable to good health.  They help reduce risks of heart disease, cancer, age-related blindness and eye problems, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases, as well as keep a healthy circulatory system. We should strive for two to three servings per week of a fish high in Omega 3s.

We know that wild salmon has great benefits; however, most grocery stores and restauants that offer “salmon” are offering a genetically engineered (farmed) salmon that is taking over the environment.  Or we find out that because of the way the fish is caught, its habitats are being damaged and it’s becoming endangered.  We have to carefully look at where the fish is caught and whether or not the fishery is sustainable.  It is important that we make sure our fish is sustainable and safe for the environment.  Alaska is a model for sustainable fisheries all over the world.  It's written right into the state constitution. That is why you can rest assured you are purchasing a high quality product that is great for your health and the environment.

The prices listed below are per pound prices.  Ordering one piece will initially show the price of one pound on your order, but some items are more or less than a pound (approximate weights are listed on each item).  After we receive your order, we select and weigh out your specific piece of meat and adjust your product total and shipping charges accordingly.  Therefore, your actual bill total will be different than your order total at checkout.  The salmon is delivered frozen.

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